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Maria Gilda Racelis

How to Remove Credit Card Disputes?

How to Remove Credit Card Disputes?

Paying off delinquent accounts is not only what a consumer should be concerned of in cleaning up the credit report. Credit Card Disputes should also be removed since lenders don’t want to see this on the report.

Read this blog from Joe Petrowsky as it gives you the number to the bureaus and the period to expect for the disputes to be removed.

There is also a useful script you can use when you make the phone call.

Original content by Joe Petrowsky NMLS # 6869
Getting Rid of Disputes from a Credit Report
Lenders today have a problem with accounts on a credit report that indicate that the accounts are in dispute. I wish I could completely understand why, but they want the dispute removed from the credit report.
credit card disputesVery often, folks that hire companies to repair credit,  will literally dispute any and all derogatory accounts, even when they are correct. I’m assuming they expect the creditor to just go away, but most of the time the accounts will show as being disputed and the obligations remains on the credit report.
The normal process has been to write a letter or letters to one or all three of the bureaus and then it takes however long for the disputes to come off. I carried on this conversation with one of my clients the other day and he notified me there is a much quicker way. I love learning from my clients.
Below is a list of phone numbers, some instructions and how long it will take for each bureau to correct the credit report.

475 Anton Blvd.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

888-210-9101 and 866-673-0140  is answered by a live human being, tell them you need the National Consumer Assistance Center to end the dispute(s), hours are 8AM-5PM Pacific Time
Up to 72 Hrs to remove disputes(You get an email confirming they have been)

1550 Peachtree St, NW

Atlanta, GA 30309

404-885-8300 is answered by a live human being, tell them you need to speak with someone in theExecutive Consumer Service department.
Up to 72 Hrs to remove diputes
555 W Adams St
Chicago, IL 60661
312-985-2000 it has a machine greeting but just stay on the line and you are transferred to a live person, tell them you need to speak with someone in the Special Handling Department
Instant removalUse this script for all 3 when you get the desired department : “I need to dispute the compliance condition remarks code of “AID” (Account In Dispute) because I am no longer disputing the/any account.”
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