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Maria Gilda Racelis

Emerald City Smoothie at Evergreen Walk for a Healthier You!

Emerald City Smoothie at Evergreen Walk for a Healthier You!

My son is a health and fitness buff. Despite the normal conundrum that a young kid his age would bring into the household, I enjoy having him around as he is a funny and loving son.

One afternoon, in a spur of the moment decision, we found ourselves beating the humdrum by hopping into his Honda SI and heading towards the Evergreen Walk in South Windsor. It is just a stone throw away outside of Manchester.

It was his idea to come to this place because, as I mentioned earlier, he is married to healthy food and drinks.

There is a lot of smoothies to choose from. I was overwhelmed with the selections until it dawned on me that I needed energy boost right there.


Emerald Smoothie at Evergreen Walk

So I picked Beta Boost which is a concoction of carrot, apple, banana, flax and protein. I could not remember what my son got but I knew it was a protein shake.

Along with the smoothies, I grabbed these four bars which I thought were perfect for snacks in between showing appointments.

Emerald Smoothie at Evergreen Walk


We got the smallest and largest-sized smoothies plus these four bars for $21. The cost of smoothie varies by size and make.

Next time you want a smoothie operating body system, stop by Emerald City Smoothie at Evergreen Walk.

Emerald Smoothie at Evergreen Walk


To the left of Emerald City is the Evergreen Walk Park where you can sit and relax with your dog while sipping your healthy drink.

Evergreen Walk Park



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