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Maria Gilda Racelis

Cutie Patootie Dog Oliver Killed by Coyote in North Granby CT

Cutie Patootie Dog Oliver Killed by Coyote in North Granby CT

In March 29, 2015, NEWS 8 reported that a coyote attacked a dog in Ansonia. He suffered some scratches and wounds but luckily, he survived.

CBS New York announced in March 6, 2015 that coyotes also attack larger dogs and some are larger than them.

There were no reports of the attacks that ended up in deaths of the household pets.

However, there was this “cutest dog in the world”, as his owner fondly call him, which was not too lucky to escape his predator.  The owner showed us her baby’s picture while exerting her best to keep her composure by not letting her welling up tears scaffold down her cheeks.

Cutie Patootie Dog Oliver killed by Coyote


His name is Oliver. He was a duck-toller-retriever mix.  His owner rescued this “cutie patootie,” Oliver’s a.k.a. The picture clearly shows why he is called as such.

Being the only baby in the family, he is showered with immense affection and love. Thus, the pain and sorrow of losing him is indescribable and unbearable.  It is not just a pet or animal. It is a family member. Anyone who lost a pet can relate to this piercing grief inside.

According to Oliver’s owner, “The coyote was casing the house for a few days. We know because the dog was barking in the mornings. Then on the third day we saw the coyote sauntering away.  It was conniving and waited until the following Monday morning, when Oliver was used to it and ran out into the woods after it.  When you know there’s a wild animal around, keep the animals in or on a leash, don’t take chances!”

To all the residents of Connecticut, your pets may not be safe even in your own driveway or garage. Coyotes are lurking and they would not spare even the largest dogs. So please, keep your pets safe.

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